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One of Vietnam's most beautiful temples! The Tay Phong Temple, also called Sung Phuc Temple, is built on a 50 meter high hill of the same name, at Thach Xa commune, Thach That district, Ha Tay Province.

From the foot of the hill, the temple is reached by climbing 237 laterite steps. The temple has three long parallel buildings. Each building has a two level roof ending in curved lance blades. The walls are constructed of red baked Bat Trang bricks, without plaster or paint. The round windows inserted in the walls are symbols representing the Buddhist concepts of being and non-being. The roof is of two levels, the tiles of the upper level have sections with engravings in the shape of sacred fig leaves, while those of the lower level have five color square tiles.

Tay Phuong Temple has been has been reconstructed many times, in 1632, 1690, 1735 and 1740. The present buildings may be from the reconstruction of 1740, similar to the style of the Kim Lien Temple by West Lake in Hanoi.

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