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Red Pine, Bill Porter born in Los Angeles in 1943 grew up in Northern Idaho. Following a tour in the US Army, he attended college at UC Santa Barbara and graduate school at Columbia University. Uninspired by the prospect of an academic career, he dropped out of Columbia halfway through a Ph.D. program in anthropology in 1972 and entered a Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. After four years with the monks and nuns, he struck out on his own and found employment with English language radio stations in Taiwan and Hong Kong, where he interviewed local dignitaries and produced more than a thousand programs about his travels in China.

One of the foremost translators, Bill's published translations include the complete poems of Cold Mountain (Hanshan), Pickup (Shide) and Big Shield (Fengkan), as well as the works of Stonehouse (Song Pojen) for which he was awarded the PEN West translation prize, and Laozi, for which he was a finalist for the same award. He is also the author of Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits. He edited The Clouds Should Know Me By Now, a book of poems by Buddhist poet monks of China, where his translations of the Ming monk Hanshan Deqing appear.

He currently lives in Port Tounsend, Washington.

The photo of Bill was taken in Xian. He stands together with the hermit nun he discoveredd on Nan Wutaishan south of Xian.

A Mountain Pavilion on a Summer Day 山亭夏日
Aboard a Boat on a Moonlit Night 月夜舟中
Anchored Overnight at Maple Bridge 楓橋夜泊
At Jingci Temple Seeing Off Lin Zifang at Dawn 曉出凈慈寺送林子方
At Mister Cui's Villa in Lantian on the Ninth 九日藍田崔氏莊
Autumn at the Gate 立秋
Autumn Day on the Lake 秋日湖上
Autumn Longing in Chang'an 長安秋望
Away from Home at the Beginning of Summer 客中初夏
Bone-chilling Snow 寒威入骨
Climbing a Mountain 登山
Climbing White Stork Tower 登鸛雀樓
Climbing Xie Tiao's North Tower in Xuancheng in Autumn 秋登宣城謝眺北樓
Climbing Yanzhou Tower 登兗州城樓
Climbing Yueyang Tower 登岳陽樓
Cold Firepit 地爐無火
Cold Rain 寒雨
Commiserating with Gentleman-in-Waiting Wang on Dongting Lake 同王徵君洞庭有懷
Crossing the Yangtze 渡揚子江
Deadwood Body 形如枯木
Deadwood Zen 枯禪
Delayed on the Sichuan Road 蜀道後期
Drinking at Night in Youzhou 幽州夜飲
Early Spring East of Town 城東早春
Encountering Rain at Zhangba Reservoir One Evening, I 陪諸貴公子丈八溝(一)
Encountering Rain at Zhangba Reservoir One Evening, II 陪諸貴公子丈八溝(二)
Escorting the Moon 好隨明月
Flat Lake 平湖
For Hermit Chu, My Neighbor to the South 南鄰
For My Nephew, Xiang, on My Demotion and Arrival at Languan Pass 左遷至藍關示姪孫湘
Gazing at the Valley of Qin 望秦川
In Praise of Huaqing Palace 詠清華宮
Jade Terrace Temple 玉臺觀
Jetavana Park 祗園
Jiangnan Spring 江南春
Looking for a Recluse without Success 尋隱者不遇
Miscellaneous Poem at Qinzhou,XIX 秦州雜詩 之 十九
Morning Court at Daming Palace 早朝大明宮
Myriad Worlds 百千世界
New Bamboo at East Lake 東湖新竹
North Mountain 北山
On Climbing Zongchi Pagoda 登總持閣
On the Lake 湖上
On the Sanqu Road 三衢道中
On Yellow Crane Tower Hearing a Flute 黃鶴樓聞笛
One Tiny Hut 一小盧
Overlooking Dongting Lake--For Prime Minister Zhang 臨洞庭湖呈張丞相
Passing the Shrine to the Master of the Three Gates 三閭大夫廟
Passing Xiangji Temple 過香積寺
Qiupu River Song 秋浦歌
Reaching Sword Gate Pass After Touring the Land of Shu 幸蜀回至劍門
Recording My Thoughts While Traveling at Night 旅夜書懷
Resting at My Open Window 倦椅虛窗
Saying Goodbye on the Yi River 易水送別
Seeing Off a Friend Leaving for Shu 送友人入蜀
Seeing off Yuan'er on a Mission to Anxi 送元二使安西
Shengguo Temple 聖果寺
Sitting Alone on Jingting Mountain 獨坐敬亭山
Snow 雪
Spending the Night at Longxing Temple 宿龍興寺
Spending the Night at Yunmen Temple Pavillion 宿雲門寺閣
Surprised by Autumn on the Fen 汾上驚秋
The Frost and the Moon 霜月
The Imperial Entourage on the Road from Dengfeng 扈從登封途中作
The Meditation Hall behind Poshan Temple 題破山寺後禪院
The Peach Blossoms of Xuandu Temple 玄都觀桃花
The Roads of Luoyang 洛陽道
The Zhongnan Mountains 終南山
Thinking of My Home in Chang'an 行軍九日思長安故園
Tiny Hut 小庵
Traveling on the Yangtze 江行望匡廬
Traveling South of the Yangtze 江南旅情
Visiting Crecsent Pond 遊月陂
Visiting Xuandu Temple Again 再遊玄都觀
Winter Lantern 寒燈
Written at an Inn in Lin'an 題臨安邸
Written at Huainan Temple 題淮南寺
Written at My Wang River Retreat after a Steady Rain 積雨輞川莊作
Written at the South Tower of Ezhou 鄂州南樓書事
Written in the Palace 宮中題
Written on Mister Lakeshade's Wall 書湖陰先生壁
Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓